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letra de the green man - william harrop


green man
bombaclat ham
reggae selecta deutchland
lata mangeshkar, yuh know di ting
fully active, mi faada

wul heap of bloodclaat smoke inna di air
f-ck inna di kitchen, she wan’ f-ck inna di chair
f-ck inna di bathroom, c-ck it up upon di stairs
and when mi step inna da club, every gyal ah draw near
e-e-every gyal are gwan mad
mi affi di style and pattern to mek di the gyal are gwan mad
p-ssy affi happy, p-ssy nuh fi sad
p-ssy affi climax, tight p-ssy you fi have
she give di wickedest slam
likkle but mi talliwah tam pon it long
if yuh looking fi ya one minute man
god, d-mn, she get di wrong man
big bomboclaat, spliff a buss inna mi head
hot s-xy gyal ah said she wan’ fi gimme head
when mi f-ck p-ssy, p-ssy turn green
gymnastic, now the p-ssy dead
wherе me der a portmore down a naggo’s hеad
west cumberland, waterford, 3 west
wake up inna di morning, you know seh dat me bless
smoke so much weed, dem think ah natty dread
cah mi nah giva f-ck, me nuh give a raasclaat
bedroom bully, mek the p-ssy talk
big dirty bass, the one ya fully dark, ah, who da p-ssy bloodclaat?
ya know we fully dark
step inna di dance, laugh and ah braff
deh bredda owe me money, run me money fast
run me money fast, me nuh inna nah funny talk
chip glock deya, everybody gone
and mi say listen to me clear (hey)
and mi say listen to me clear
if ya drinking wargwan, if you’re drinking beer

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