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letra de great plain - william billings


when shall thy lovely face be seen?
when shall our eyes behold our god?
what lengths of distance lie between
and hills of guilt. a heavy load!

our months are ages of delay
and slowly every minute wears
fly, winged time, and roll away
these tedious rounds of sluggish years

ye heavenly gates, loose all your chains
let the eternal pillars bow!
blest savior, cleave the starry plains
and make the crystal mountains flow
hark, how thy saints unite their cries
and pray and wait the general doom:
come, thou, the soul of all our joys
thou, the desire of nations, come

put thy bright robes of triumph on
and bless our eyes, and bless our ears
thou absent love, thou dear unknown
thou fairest of ten thousand fairs

our heart-strings groan with deep complaint;
our flesh lies panting, lord, for thee;
and every limb, and every joint
stretches for immortality

our spirits shake their eager wings
and burn to meet thy flying throne:
we rise away from mortal things
t’attend thy shining chariot down

now let our cheerful eyes survey
the blazing earth and melting hills
and smile to fee the lightnings play
and slash along before thy wheels

o for a shout of violent joys
to join the trumpet’s thundering found!
the angel herald shakes the skies
awakes the graves, and tears the ground
ye slumbering faints, a heavenly host
stands waiting at your gaping tombs:
let every sacred sleeping dust
leap into life, for jesus comes

jesus, the god of might and love
new molds our limbs of cumbrous clay;
quick as seraphic flames we move;
active, and young, and fair, as they

our airy feet with unknown flight
swift as the motions of desire
run up the hills of heavenly light
and leave the weltering world in fire