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letra de call 9-1-1 - westside connection


[chorus – ice cube:]
this right here is considered a banger
delivered with anger, your life is in danger
beware of them strangers, holdin’ them flamers
them naggers were swagger, cause they keep it gangsta

[verse 1 – ice cube]
just face it, i blaze sh-t
yo sh-t is basic, my sh-t is matrix
make you erase sh-t
n-gg-s won’t say sh-t, but djs you ain’t sh-t
cause you don’t play sh-t, unless it’s that gay sh-t
i’m straight off the slave ship, my style is ancient
i’m rich and i’m famous, i’m armed, i’m dangerous
i came wit that language, it’s mad, it’s brainless
you study at cambridge, i’m f-ckin’ yo main b-tch
plus my ebonics is full, of gin and tonic, erotic
yeah you got it, hypnotic, plus i got it, brrr
after nine eleven n-gg-s got patriotic
on nine twelve i’m like f-ck it n-gg- blaze the chronic

[hook – ice cube:]
call nine eleven, then call your reverend
then call heaven, here i come lord
live by the gun, die by the gun
a eye for an eye when you live and die by this war

[chorus – ice cube]

[verse 2 – mack 10]
yeah, now it’s the mornin’ after the night i just rolled
9-1-1 ain’t a area code it’s a gangsta mode
and i’m still in amazement on how i put it down
emptied round after round rat-tat-tat was the sound
now understand the situation, it was urgent
we, handled this emergency urgently
i can’t just have no n-gg- out there just workin’ me, jerkin’ me
talkin’ all kind of sh-t, dishing dirt on me, sh-t
he was a local n-gg- sheisty and didn’t wanna pay up
so i got dressed in all black and loaded the k up
and all i could think about is revenge as i lit the j up
and even though it was late night, i still f-cked his whole day up
it was child’s play, the youngster took me for a joke
not knowin’ mack a maniac and i love the gun smoke
make sparks in my barrel, sh-t flew through his apparel
stupid motherf-cker lost his life over dinero

[hook – ice cube]

[chorus – ice cube]

[verse 3 – wc]
it ain’t safe no f-ckin’ mo’
i swear on everything i love, my hood, my momma, my soul
this motherf-ckin’ dub, is hall of bang n-gg-, i claim n-gg-
like pcp to the brain, it’s like kel running my fame n-gg-
white lightnin’ i’m sippin’, snickerin’, slippin’ the crip
and like a fiend, i tremble, shiver and them blow your doam to smithereens
act up, no actor, starch crease ragger
d-ck harder than v–gr-, dub push your ick backwards
connect alumni, but the gun high
bloods and crips and when we touch down we turn n-gg-s hoods ’til the guy
says grip
squeeze lead, to the y’all dead, cause i’m f-cked up in the can and i
f-ck a b-tch over whether she can blew or all red
the industry most hated, n-gg- get at us, we ready, dub, mack and cube
like saddam, bin laden and no jag in the chevy
back again, momma there go that man again
grab the gun, them n-gg-s on one
call 9-1-1

[chorus – ice cube]