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letra de six feet deep - we three


lyrics from tiktok snippet

i get up everyday and run
just to fight off all the feelings that i’m running from
seven years seems like a lot
i used to ask you questions while sitting at your burial spot
but i didn’t like the way the dirt felt
’cause the grass stopped growing and your flowers looked like sh-t
so f-ck these flowers f-ck these graveyards
you’re just a memory for me and a cool story for my kid

people wanna tell me you’d be mad at me
and who knows that might be true
and i know everybody would laugh at me
if i told еm’ what i think you’d do
if i showed you the song that i wrote about rеligion
and only letting certain people in
think you’d smile for a while and say “i love the way you think boy”
it sure is sad what people call a sin

then she would tell me

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