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letra de how to drown a cloud - wavy jone$


h-lla drugs h-lla plugs h-lla f-ckin oz
flood the ocean h-lla wavy h-lla f-ckin hoes
i’m riding round 100 pounds and body b-tch
i’m blowing loud thru the crowd f-ck yo party b-tch
gold wrist gold bricks gold flip phone
gold b-tch gold grip the whole clip gone
get my d-ck sucked out in italy
yo b-tch head game john kennedy
i’m swerving in a bucket treat it like benz
wrist-wrist out the window hypnotize the hens
she like the way i pipe her down eat it from the back
a real freak young b-tch don’t know how to act
i’m in the back all black wit a 02
what u need what you need get it come thru
love who dumb b-tch i ain’t brad coop
ragu swag dripping thru the rag roof