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letra de forced - warhead


…because of the strict organisation and the brutality
of his treatment he feels robbed of his dignity…

life is h-ll, a mindless odysee
now here i dwell, stuck in misery
forced to draw the line, life not worth a dime
pain rules my day, living to obey

forced! forced!
the guard wants to provoke me
the priest wants to calm me down:
rage is aggravating. the punishment is known
already stopped living, no mind, no heart, no will
captured in a death-trap, forced to keep still

respect i regret, respect my shameful life

nothing left to lose, except my selfcontrol
rage is satisfying, feelings are reborn
got to end this nightmare, awake before i drop
to fight because i’m human
the last thing that i’ve got

respect i regret, respect my shameful life

forced! forced!
forced! forced!