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letra de the work (workin') - wale


“the work (workin’)”

[beat starts]
uh. lets do it.
floor not havin it,
cover this track like a motha f-ckin laminate.

yeah,real n-gg-s in my cabinet,
you the type of n-gg- make a stripper turn celibate.

lets celebrate, levitate, with the loud,
never wait when we out,
f-ck a line, get in now.

what they b-tchin bout?
what the goin for?
polo head to toe no zone 4.

kick game on rebitz, bonjour,
winter time, all clear,
summer time, different sh-r-.

this a different motor man better go to work,
rapper tryin trade places like a motor mur.

its no days off, all though i’m born to work,
but daddy gotta order somethin dealers cant afford.

ha, the envy in dime dealers,
bentley ain’t my but i let b-tches recline in em.
tell em they mind clippin i give em like 5 minutes.
tell em we’ll never be but they settle for side b-tches.

dc got wild n-gg-s,
them .45 n-gg-s,
some runnin with 2 k’s though we some loud n-gg-s.

don’t get besides yourself, thinkin i’m with the loving,
i just came back from howard i made a deal for the locals,
they hit em, fling em, delete em,
hug em, love em, then leave em,
if you call me a genius, n-body would disagree it.

i’m spotted on different beachs, cause he was smokin reffah,
i hope you hit me by 3, i’m incoherent by the evening.

whats up sugah, i’m diggin yah, oh you aint feelin young’n?
thats even better i’m not that into submissive woman,
i’ll like to tell you i’m the type to get all woman,
i put that battery in back so small wonder,
its been a long summer, and i’ve been on my grind,
we killin shows out in london like i’m on my grind,
i think i’m larry hoover, i think i’m big meech,
i think you need the streets to succeed the inner street.

but i’m a different route, hip-hop lyric route, quote un quote
backpack still bring them b-tches out.

i bet you burnt em, you fry chicken n-gg- church em,
or popeyes, we don’t keep no birds in the circle.

stop lyin ya’ll pretenders ya’ll ain’t really workin,
ya winslon, within lauren, though you n-gg- urkel.

kin folk, i’ve been dope since super soakers,
no matter who gonna show up i make a move over,
all that talk about who’s better then falauren,
go and get that bread and they’ll be penniless tommorrow.

living out of a homer sh-t,
broke and no one notices,
ghetto whip you lisa like your margerie and homer kid.

rather beatin on the b-tch,
motify your quota b-tch,
pg b-tches love me like i’m tcb and polo b-tch.

norfitomic love me like a mother f-ckin jonahs,
thats why we’re always goin and we don’t gotta go with them.