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letra de the soup - wale


“the soup”

[george] “i didn’t get any bread”
[jerry] “just forget it, let it go”
[george] “excuse i think you forgot my bread”
[soup nazi] “you want bread?”
[george] “yes, please”
[soup nazi] “no soup for you!”

yeah, uh, where’s the love for the sixteen writers
who elevate the game when it was in need of a pilot?
who made a situation from what you see it’s a problem
what you thought was a prize is what i see as a blinder
they ask me why i never wear chains, but if you brought up
how i’m brought up, then you probably feel the same
and i ain’t saying change sucker, probably get me 3 or 4
but i got cousins overseas that come to me for better clothes
and i can’t go to emmy lola, stunting with no diamonds on
mama bills piling up, her son don’t got no time to ball
i don’t got no time to call, hope that you ain’t mad though
you know your son a -sshole, but i hope you got those stacks though
always on the road again,with omega autobahn
lost a couple friends, cool; n-gg- made a lot of fans
and i give it to y’all, cause y’all respect that
so gold alb-ms or not, i did effect rap
uh, for worse or for better
ain’t no one in my circle that can say they perform better
huh, they poor effort annoys me, who supporting them?
who endorse them, should pull the plug and stick a fork in them
they finito, why the f-ck they all got egos?
my og is tyrique and my kick game be like bobbito garcia
this sh-t a freethrow, this sh-t here for my people
no soup for all you suckers while i’m re-ing up on me so
and they feeling me so, they not feeling y’all so
i volunteer every ten i see, vince yarbrough
past summer dough, motherf-ck a ho
this is more about nothing, i’m the f-cking show
hold it, keep rolling

respect is like food, n-gg- what it do?
i’m eating real good, no soup for you
no soup for you
no soup for you
i’m eating real good, n-gg-
“no soup for you”
“no soup for, for, for you”

i got no time to be a hater, just trying to be your favorite
they trying to be the greatest, their whole signing was a favor
it’s not about the paper, it’s not about the fame
and i don’t know no triple h, but this is all about the game
compet-tion i ain’t winning but admit it, i’m still in it though
should’ve been an all-star, i’m crawford for interscope
em starting, 50 staring, gaga, gang starr
and will.i.am and the peas, the sixth man i am, y’all
and though i came far, know i got a way to go
waiting for pitchfork to say “wale on this, so way to go”
text message from elliot saying “tape was dope”
xxl favorite quote, what else do i need to post?
i am not no h-m-phobe, good thing i don’t read the post
unless your skin’s winning, then i do it just to f-cking boast
with this rap sh-t, you know i do the f-cking most
i’m all over this beat like a motherf-cking stethoscope
i’m forever dope, you can check your schedule
my timing was any better, then b-tch, i’d be a metronome
i am such a renegade, but try to be professional
but i am way too p-ssionate to patch sh-t up and let sh-t go
want you all to listen so i rap it in election form
but when you intellectual, some n-gg-s ain’t gon’ let you on
but i’m here, jo, i hope you n-gg-s know it’s on
no soup for you wack n-gg-s, i’ma get my chowder on

“no soup for, for, for you”

[susan] “what are you doing?
since when do you smoke?”
[george] “i’ve always smoked”
[susan] “i’ve never seen you smoke”
[george] “oh yeah, well, i’m a big smoker
i gave it up for a while but it was too tough”

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