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lacefrontin' - wale



[speaking: wale]
aye turn the beat up
u got all them drums in there
turn it all…
can i get it up some more?

[verse 1: wale]
yea, i’m tryna find where your mind at
a little reefer lotta people and cognac
dope sneakers and dope speakers for fly cats
and tell them b-tches we real n-gg-s is bout that

i ain’t tripping all my women be authentic
sippin then call it cab n-body no the limit
young n-gg- with old spirit and ambition
these hoes say i’m a poet i try to make em different

she said she wanna man, told her i’m real rap
a good head on her shoulders, i need to feel that
she said it really don’t matter if it’s real though
for real though see it’s mine cause i paid for it

weaved up greased up shawty what it do?
cornrows sewed up shawty bust a move
straight frontin u lacefrontin
just come thru
you say these n-gg-s lying well you been lying too

[verse 2: wale]
young folarin, young folarin!
they gotta point em out baby
it’s only right

tell em b-tches they can get up on my level
tell em sadity b-tches that we really never love em
tell em the pretty b-tch is a pretty b-tch to a sucker
tell em their ambitions then we need some more of them

no girlfriends, i know a lot of b-tches
i say b-tch a lot, though i’m proud of my sisters
i’m a form a pet-tion, someone gotta be listening
someone gotta be telling someone somebody is tripping

what the f-ck is you wearing?
why the f-ck don’t you care?
‘fore you love you a n-gg-, try loving your kids
she said she model, so exotic in every pic
she on media take out, but don’t take out her kids

freak pics on the low to the paid n-gg-s
bust ya own d-mn flight couldn’t get a sitter
bet your whole d-mn life is a big gimmick
tell me what it is, we know what it isn’t

now what it is, look look [x6]

[verse 3: wale]
i think found where your mind was
a lot of women ain’t proud unless they throwin it up
black women hold it down shawty, it’s all love
and even if we wear rubber, they be wrapped up

what it look like? she stay in “chi-town”
i make her take off, i make her lake sh-r-
she stay in crenshaw she never had a perm
i better straighten it out, soon as i get to work

shawty stay up in philly, shawty was h-lla pretty
sloppy head for free yaky hair was sixty
i’m a bad motherf-cker
young fly n-gg-, getting cash motherf-cker

saratoga to the quarters n-gg- what it is
laying over laying over what it is what it is
richmond carolina n-gg- what it is
i’m just trynna show the people n-gg- what it is

the differences between being queen and being b-tch
i’m seeing things that’s being mean making me sick
booty shots, fake eyes, fake b-tches, fake broads
and you ask twitter why you getting fake guys

a go head [x3]
it’s yo head it’s yo world [x2]



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