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roovina - vyper syren


he stuck his seed
you think you’re bound by him
you can always leave
now he’ll always win

she’s a great f-ck
but a little too crazy for me
she thinks it’s love
cause her daddy couldn’t teach

just say the right things
and she’ll easily cling
living your lie
it’s not like he can’t buy

he hit me again / he punch me again
she thinks she deserves it
the doctor is right infront of you
he smacks you around just to feel like a man
i’m not even that desperate
she has no standards / just confused

when he hits you i hopе you think of me
and what i said
fake happy marriage
hе said he’d change many times
hit before marriage, sure hit when married
she feels like she can never leave even though she can
she’s easy to manipulate
i don’t know if she’s really doing it for the money or not



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