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letra de hello friend - vyok


in the city where i buzz by, in a place where you cannot come by
you can’t see the sunlight, only dark shadows in the premises
how can i take care of this?
always feeling sensitive

feel my body shake, my brain can’t thing straight
my hearts been invaded, corrupt and so tainted
how can i explain how lost i been?
feel exhausted man
and now i let the god come in
anxiety, it’s filling up the room
can’t find solutions, i feel confusion
hallucinate to all of the jaded prespectives
how can i be hated?
you fake your perception
look at yourself, have you seen your reflection?
i look at mysеlf, i’m the only exception

i’m narcissistic, my conscious is sh-t
i’m bеtter than everybody, i swear it on everybody
i never liked anybody, i fight wars with myself
i’m beating both sides only using my help?
can i be saved? i don’t think so
call me mr. robot i feel like a schizo

doing what i do for the love it? have you had enough of it?
live in a society with no respect? how would you feel if there’s no one left?
would you keep going with no incentive?
i speak in tongues, no one knows my message

i guess i’ll go kick rocks, when i feel p-ssed off
corpses with split jaws, look at your mask that i ripped off
are we the same at the end? are we good people?
we all just pretend

now, i’m on the edge, as far i’ll get, one more step but n0bodies called me yet
i look to god, but he’s gone ahead, i heard that voice talk again
he said: “h-llo, friend”
f-ck society, society deserves to be hated for everything
you said they did and more
we f-ck every last one of them, for what we’ve all been through