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letra de mofraudo - vybz kartel


[verse 1:]
none a dem p-ssy deh cyah call mr. palmer informer,
send him to di balmer
dis kartel ah go get murder like yuh father,
real life war unnuh rather
mi neva kill a barber, but if ah so ah so rise di lama
pear badman name palmer, tristan, mocha from payne land
wah do some p-ssy wid second-hand jeep and few namebrand

sing some funeral psalms when mi rise dem arms yah
feel say yuh bad come shoot up the gaza
real informer nuh clown missa palmer
you run to reporters like lorna
you strap up wid pad not armour, go call mi name innah gleaner
di last man drive past yuh corner ah gully yuh chuck innah

everybody know, informer dats what you are
seh mi shoot up yuh ends innah my owna car
how yuh fi gimme hype when yuh beg mi par
and mi write five songs gi yuh turn yuh innah star

talk bout bad man place, who cut yuh innah yuh d-mn face?
roach tell yuh me bow, wrong man wrong place
dahlia wipe har p-ssy pon yuh long face
copper scatta head twenty-one place

me and singer blinger never stop par,
ah di don so
you dis yuh songwriter name tanso
him write, ‘wah dem ah seh?’
rise up di nanko, mek yuh marrow fly like johncrow
bout me cyah go portmore yuh ah lip trace
me lock di scheme from boston to fifth phase
glock paste bear fat shot innah yuh dog-face
dump him a dyk- yuh nuh deserve the morgue sp-ce

wi chop man, wi nuh chop furniture
di gyal yuh ah min’ ah try mek her richer
she ah f-ck one a my friend in your apartment, pon your bed under your picture
ah me say portmore have the askela
how mi fi leff portmore fr-ss fella?
earthworm please warn fin-hand bredda
or man ah go open him head like umbrella

di teacha nuh bleacha, di chop innah yuh face yuh ah rub wid noxema
mofraudo memba yuh have a battyman bredda
and yuh madda still suffer so wah mi fi bad mind fah?

[verse 2:]
bout x5, mi harrier, di beama, di honda add up to wah, 8.8 million
me buy a house fi mi madda, mine big like pavillion
you come a hype bout cr-ppy van
memba di house weh yuh madda live likkle like patty van
termite a nyam it like how yuh ah nyam yvonne
rah, yuh been acting pon, uzi from ackee pond
marro nah fly dat vanish like magician

sell out which dads, how dads fi get sell out
how dem a dads and ah nyaming mich-lle out
fi him bow tongue soon fell out
when dem fling yuh through gl-ss up ah spring did you yell out?

nah kill nuh man and him shot off tiger foot
das why god set yuh finger like a nook
addi crack skull like egg innah oil ah cook
dem ah nuh gangster dem ah gangster designer look

hold on, yuh babymother name dahlia seh yuh suck more dan mosquitos carrying malaria
yuh nuh bad, yuh ah p-ssy innah bad man area,
nuh fit the criteria
busy see mi wah day and run, but mi nah run him dung, why
cuz if yuh run dung yuh shadow now, you will never catch it,
news bulletin

mofraudo the failure yuh ketch di soldier man innah di house a f-ck dahlia
yuh rush di soldier and yuh get f-cked up
people ah nuh long time ah since him buss wah day yah

“di end of dem, that is”

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