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letra de praise the lord freestyle$ - vory


[verse 1]
aye, i can’t f-ck with you broke hoes
they like talking to po-pos
cocaine without pablo, takin’ narcotics outta narcos
that’s pointless
aye, tryna hack on my door code
got more money, got more hoes
[?], take your hoes
that’s stuntin’
they wanna talk, n-gga, they ain’t know nothin’
wanna take bets, ain’t got no money
d-mn you funny, you crash [?] and your b-tch crash dummy
bought a new coupe, only last one summer
label’s like, “d-mn, what you do with that money?”
chop of the top ’cause a n-gga went dummy
hide from the shade, ’cause la too sunny
aye, redbone nasty, kinda trashy, kinda cl-ssy, aye
aye, spin the bottle, i can’t kiss no thotiana, no
say, every girl i know just wanna be a model, aye
say, they look like a squirrel from all the nuts they swallow, aye (hey)
bad girls are all camouflage in la (hey)
money green, so they all do what i say

my diamonds dancing, so please give me that sp-ce, yeah
close my eyes and all i see is your face
i’m sorry for the things i’ve done
i’m sorry for the things i’ve said
for messing up your head…

[verse 2]
they forty-five, i’m forty-five, yeah (aye)
two forty-fives right by my side, ah
live for the fire, well find a fire hydrant
die when i die, that’s how it is (i say)
wake up to pot and feed my kid (i say)
black suit and tie, still ’bout my biz (i don’t say)
see eye to eye, that’s still my biz (i know that)
siri tweakin’, they think it’s a glitch, ah
know the feds watching, know the feds watching like 2 chainz
got two chains and might dip off in the moosain with this boo thang
see, i got the juice when i juice on ’em, that’s juice thangs
pop, pop leave a n-gga dead like two rough days, two blood stains
i need a parachute on some high sh-t, it’s like every rapper i know, know my biz
but i shoulda known i’m a sidekick
’cause my momma always tryna ly in, tryna hide sis
so i went and got a bad b-tch and that bad b-tch has got a bad b-tch
she a savage, i
21, cheese