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we should be rocking - von pea


[intro: jack benson (von’s alter ego)]
ladies and gentlemen
especially ladies
my name is jack benson
and i would like to welcome you all to an experience that you’ve always wanted to experience
you just didn’t know it
lee, don, von, aeon, and jack

[verse 1: aeon]
yo, it’s been a minute since i seent you
we catchin’ up and awkward hugs in all see-through
it’s seems like texts is all we got to speak through
frontin’ on some bullsh-t
busy? don’t believe you
nah, i think it’s deeper than that
cuz you was down to drop by, take a spin in the sack
you a big girl, i know you can take it how’s it given
gettin’ all bruised up, that’s just a part of good twisin’
we don’t need a script for you to be an actress
just a few strong drinks and a st-rdy mattress
yeah (yeah) yo, you know i’m watchin’ you
tryna catch you lookin’ back
starin’ at me too
got a mean -ss sway
so sashay this way
p-ssé that lane
and press play on the tape
track 12, let’s groove to it
set the mood music
get amped up to lay down and just move through it

i know we
(yeah, let’s do it to it)
we should be
should be rockin’ ev’rytime the beat drop
i know we
we should be
we be rockin’ ev’rytime the beat drop
i know we
we should be
we should be rockin’ ev’rytime the beat drop
(now who are we ladies?)
don, von, aeon
h-ll yeah!

[verse 2: donwill]
bet it could be so nice
we can be together like the white up on the rice
ketchup on the fries
i talk a lotta s—
but yo, i mean it
and every n—- hollerin’
but listen how i’m screamin’
and nothin’ but some grown folks business between you and the kid
we been rendezvous’n every weekend at the crib
no? too fast?
well i can slow it down
but if it ever come to that, yo, i can throw it down
i’m just sayin’
so we can rock it out over the summer
i got sum’n to prove
you got nothin’ to lose
got a couple of brews
[?] at the door
no need to get it [?]
no need get confused
see um, the situation will be only what we make it
if you get it, we can fake it ’til we make it
baby, i gotta say it
cuz if i don’t, another n— will
cuz a lotta n—-s feel how i feel
what’s the deal?!


[verse 3: von pea]
my voice it just echoes…
all through a valley
doin’ sum’n frisky in her dad’s denali
seen her on craigslist said she looked like halle (oh word?)
she was lyin’
she was still cute in the face, a lane bryant
giddy so her t-tties and thighs were like giant
we was out in queens
bussin out the seams
man ’til this day, i still have dreams
reminiscing on her, i’m hearin’ mad screams
she coulda been fakin’
but hey, we was matin’
she’on gotta say “ooh it’s so big.”
same way she ain’t gotta say “it’s your kid.”
i ain’t need no ego strokes
she gave throat
then pulled her weave out
tied it up, we jumpin’ rope
maybe i’ll see her again, i’ll buy [?]
she perform for my troops
she had a brother juiced

[hook 2x]

[bridge: jack benson]
all we wanna do
is party with you
jack benson
h-ll yeah!
h-ll yeah!
h-ll yeah!