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letra de sanctitiy in blasphemous ruin - vital remains


welcome to my dwellings of unholiness
upheld, the blackest dreams… o’ infernal bliss
tabernacles pleasured and continuance lies in
the innocents existence
mighty babalon, mother of abominations
grant me the flesh, grant me the fear
grant me sanct-ty in ruin
down through the bowels of unholiness
upheld, the blackest deeds… o’ infernal bliss
i am he who is malevolence, raping the weary so diminished
the realization
“a sanct-ty in blasphemous ruin; a perversity enamored divine
hallowed is my name, my crown of desires pierces the heavens
lucifer! coalesce and feed, may the angles of the first become
the substance of the third. this is my covenant, my legacy
for the one true god i hail to is me
wrought in blood, writhing in your degredation
gods? saviors? icons of humility
fear – flesh – fate
thus spake zarathustra
defoliate the transluscent skin, once bethlehem,
and serve amongst the fallen as a temple of utter carnality
i am hunger, my will to power
fear – flesh – fate