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letra de maniac - ville ruokonen


i look you in the eyes and i see stars, and i see myself
if i ever lost us the world would lose me too
your eyes turn a little teary again, i’m wary of what to say so i
keep it inside my head, not like i have anything to say
it’s been a while since we talked, like, proper, can’t remember when, if i’m honest
and i can’t seem to understand that you’re trying your very f-cking best and
you ignore me for days and then say i’m really sorry babe but i need some sp-ce
we’re in an ldr but we don’t livе far from each other’s arms

i sit herе writing songs about you but they won’t bring back the times with someone who
made me stronger in so many ways, how i wish to go back to those days
those days we’d just hang out and smile, we’d try to slow down the passing of time
but it always seemed to run out, i’d cry every time i walked out
’cause i didn’t want to leave you alone, you told me ’bout the shadows
that told you you weren’t good enough, i wanted to scare them off
but in doing so, i scared you away, i thought i had finally found a way
to get behind that wall of yours but i guess you like to close doors

i try to find the best in all of this
but you’re the best, and you’re the one i miss
i guess we’re better off on our separate ways
but this mind of mine’s become an endless maze
one step forward, two more back
i wish it hadn’t had to end like that
our love was supposed to be like an open road but for you, it was more like a boat-less oar
wish i knew a way to take us back does that make me a maniac
does that make me a maniac
does that make me a maniac