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letra de group homes & oddie homies - vic spencer


[verse 1: vic spencer]
getting high because being low ain’t me
the streets ain’t gon lie
a n-gga ain’t gon’ blame me
throughout the years i been the same me
don’t smoke plain trees (naw)
exotica, stained jeans on the party bus
leaving with the scale, cheeba in the air
the group homes taught me life wasn’t fair
now they saying a n-gga look like hov
that sh-t funny as f-ck
catch a n-gga getting scummy in trucks
spaghetti for brunch
come through a quarter pound of piff (yeah)
i wasn’t around when they was doing all that clowning
i’m downtown somewhere stunting, intelligent ignorance
legitimatе blemishes, i’m k!lling feelings, sentеnces
the only time i’m leaning is in the whip (skrt)
all this rapper’s bread its kind of hard for me to end this sh-t
catch a n-gga out of state, that’s only to get baked
i coulda did that at home
i just wanted to say that in a song

[verse 2: tree]
f-ck it
i pulled my pants up, threw my hands up and i rushed him (n-gga)
we throwing punches all you seen was flying dust and
the older folks made us shake up and say its nothing (we good)
mighty [?] younger days in the oddie home
althought i’m grown i can still feel when i get home
back as a young un’ young and dumbing with a pistol on him (yup)
and all you gotta do is say the right sh-t
we might spit
and although i was the youngest of them (d-mn)
three older brothers, they made sure i didn’t have no trouble (thank god)
i love you for it
stay up out a fool’s way (way)
the [?] n-gga came around with two ks
who playing n-gga (b-tch)
you in the plans n-gga
we at your fam n-gga
we at your mans and that b-tch off instagram n-gga
what a shame
caught me when i was walking out
my lawyer say that’s all i’m allowed to talk about
i moved up out my momma’s house
i got up off father couch

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