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letra de xtract - verzayce


booty loose b-tch
she a talk a n-gga down
real extra
real extra
real extra that’s her niche
a silent k!ller
she say that her biggest niche
down bad she don’t know what she want now
the extract
your extract
is it good it good
how she have some
is it awesome love
want to have some
have some all night long
man she feel fearless
feeling on
valon the man d-mn
and then the same thing
the same as him
the same d-mn dance
say the same things
again again
yet i can’t
can’t even think again
and she want my wagon my pen
and she want me back at my parents
rich and rounded benjamin sh-g hoe
ricked out
i was at the bank though
rag-doll no bag now
now she wanna come around
go go go
go i ain’t leading you
then hold hold hold
hold on to my arm tight
little tight bad b-tch want bop bop bop
the shock bow bow
no actually
she pout pout pout pout
she pout pout pout pout
she pout pout pout pout
she pout
say she gulp
say she gulp up
the d-ck
i said
say it again
say she go and grab a bib
say she gulp
now nighttime it’s in deep
say she gulp
say she gulp
say she gulp li’l n-gga
talk ya down
it’s in your guts now itching
talk it down
mama’s underneath
suck me down
i’m in deceit
suck you out
stomp you out