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letra de life in a day - verb t


[verb t]
everybody just drift with me. blissfully. ha! like look
so i self-medicate trying to balance the ill
feels great laid the table at a family meal
with our significant others, sisters and brothers
friends plus friends of friends you gotta love it
it’s like your crew’s photographs from years p-ssed
songs that remind you of times that were real hard
songs that remind you of times that were great
mind in the place i can create
try to relate, rise to the bait
bite from me hey!
crime doesn’t pay
my mind doesn’t stray
this cycle is strange
i’m a boring and plain-type guy that’s deranged
riding the plane, staring out the window in spite of the haze
deciphering names and unlocking codes quite like in a game
some will die for the fame in this life – that’s a shame
where goods are irrelevant, price is the aim
spiralling fast in a cycle of hate
die and decay then they find your remains
“this man was once a guy with a name, that time didn’t change”
don’t get the picture? put mine in the frame
euphoria is in your mind as you pray
open up the universal light for the day
and for the first time it seems like life isn’t grey
wow! look at these colours. guys, i’m amazed
why’d i spend all my time hiding away?
well, i couldn’t say, but now i’ve got to go and live life in a day