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letra de first draft - velique



name’s lil bro
l-i-l b-r-o

i’m finna fight you, i’m finna k!ll you
i don’t know why you exist, but i’m gonna grill you
you think you can stand up to us (what?)
you think you gained our trust (huh?)
i think it’s time to tell humanity why you suck
i’m finna fight you i’m finna k!ll you
i don’t know why you exist, but i’m gonna grill you
you think you can stand up to us (what?)
you think you gained our trust
i think it’s time to tell humanity why you suck, oh


ay lemme hop in the flow
they call me t y m e synonym for goat
i’m the king that i be, now draw back the moat
lullaby counting dollars row by row row row

peasant only i get effervescent
i’m a jester and even i think you’re incessant
bout to compose a period at the end of your sentence
if you didn’t get it, i’m saying no more adolescents

my head is full of clutter, but a strange thing happened
i’m so b-tterfly my wings started flapping
my eyeb-lls are filled with recitals
of allen poe, now my sentences are rapping

you so used to failing, you retake your pictures
lyrics hot and ready got a nice mixture
of puns, references, tailored for the listener
uh oh, out of ideas, bout to use a bible scripture
riding the waves on the ice like frozone
i’m the day, and at night, girls go loco
in may, i look nice with jeans and a polo
what they say? shoot i might be in love with the coco

fruity pebbles, make me tremble, what do i do
it’s quite simple, real simple, as the sky is blue
my bones quake at the sight of you
can’t tell if it’s disgust or an interest i’ll follow through

drink that ice tea, yeah
keep it icey, yeah
roll that dice g, yeah
pay the price g, yeah

i know you want clout, is that what you’re about?
the flame in my heart won’t die out

people call me an npc
but they don’t who’s king
and what the monarchy will bring
the mockingbird will sing

npc stands for non playable character
people in my area, i gotta carry em
don’t got a glock extended in my carry on
but i’ll make sure this trip is a scary one
i pray this album is gonna top the charts
i don’t make songs, i make art
rolling cart shopping at walmart
my bars may or may not be smart, but they come from the heart

it beats with a power of a spark
darker and it feels almost too dark
harder and life almost feels too hard
parker where’s peter i need him to lift a car

tree bark, i need scars to feel far
along a road i don’t belong
felt like i’ve been shot in the heart
and i’m finna drift like a mario go kart

mario go kart? mario go fish
10/10 and i’ll never ever miss
a single thread of my story and all hits
that’s a home run, baby, now go catch it