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letra de 04. step - vect


04. step

if you wanna step
come & f-ckin’ step

step you can bet you’ll get wet
from a bash in your nose an the chin check
people assume but what they think ain’t true
bring it on with your crew v.s. me & steal boots
run your mouth i’ll run mine back
put your hands on me then expect a b-tchslap
most people know about my f-cked up mind
most are smart they don’t wanna test what’s inside
ready to slash, attack, & put you on your ass
no time to chat bout that ya missed the chance
i’m not 1 to test this ain’t a joke tear ya like a pitbull
i’m out to damage ya i mean a sh-t full
i’ma villain ain’t shaking hands unless it’s finished
& that’s after you’re done & if you’re still livin’
’cause you’re an enemy better accept it
in my house of pain you’ll be e-vected
i’ll bring the noise so don’t be coy
you started something now finish it boy!

step, step, you wanna fight then step
step, step, got a beef then step
step, step, you got the guts then step
if you wanna step come & f-ckin’ step
you don’t wanna see me, better think it through
i swear you’re gonna be sorry when your bleeding ensues
face me like a somebody drop the knife lose the gun
you don’t want to ’cause then you know you’re done
most are all mouth & can’t fight for sh-t
on you weak f-cks i’m letting out the beast within
wanna get in my face & try to punk me out?
only thing it’ll do is make me bust you down
i’ll crush you now if you get in this ring
break your neck in the middle of your street should of listened to me
school you another reason i rep the v
admit defeat v-i-o-l-e-n-c-e
i’ll turn your macho talk into a begging scream
it isn’t over get the f-ck on your feet
where’s your nuts at? ya see it’s real now
thought you were the sh-t but now you’re beat down
1 thing to know is i don’t fear death
wanna go? then be man enough & prepare to step