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letra de move on - ve lost


how you tell me that you love me, but you f-ck n-gga too
and you gon’ really just stab me in my f-ckin’ back
i don’t want to get to conversations
but these n-ggas, they be steady hatin’
for you, they could really never love [?]
treat you just like just like you
i could never tell you what you need
but you could really just move on
yuh, hey, yuh
chris brown talkin’ with your n-ggas, you ain’t said sh-t
f-ckin’ all that sh-t up, i’ll take it with the next
bring it down, i k!ll a n-gga
yuh, you ain’t said sh-t
when i push it down i hit yo n-ggas, yuh

when i hit yo n-ggas
d-mn, all this sh-t so complicated

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