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letra de lose your love - vanessa hudgens


“lose your love”

if i should lose your love boy
shame on me
i was just too stubborn
too blind to see
that i would lose your love, boy
just tell me how to get you back
cause i could never lose your love
don’t wanna lose your love

i remember the moment i first looked in your eyes
and seen nothin looking back at me
it was then i realized
that even though you were there
your heart was long gone
an i knew right then how lost i’d be
before you move on


before its final, before you close the door
i am asking you, please can we try this once more
just hold me tight, don’t ever let go
and if never comes around i want you to know
i want you, i need you, can’t lose you tonight
i won’t do nothing to lose you
i won’t lose this fight
i’m going to make it right