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letra de 0 to 100 (remix) - vado


we go 0 -100 ,n-gg- real quick
make a 100 checks for this field trip
why don’t you go and get it like a real b-tch?
hold on!
gonna interest every break ,n-gg-
tell them thanks, n-gg-
i ain’t with the pranks , n-gg-
hold on!
game over, bring your -ss down
n-gg-z took a level, never bless rounds
i was last found
‘hold on!
she too old to be ‘
you are ready?
whoever n-gg- , let it go
lot of songs are taken
but what are they after?
you are buzzin’ a star
but where did that go?
no, i don’t understand to worry about summer jam
first of all, i just hit the block with a hundred grands
get locked and come home
no one is scared
show them how we were scheming
they used to say i was dreaming
but what do i know?

but f-ck being on some cool sh-t
i see everybody is the new sh-t
i’m gonna pop on the gym with a bag of 2 sh-t
you know what you got to do , sh-t
sh-t,if this ain’t the way
ain’t no progress
little n-gg-z gonna get sprayed in the process
you see another day, ain’t no promise