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letra de blood sweat & tears - v


blood sweat & tears

if you say, that you don’t want me,
thats ok, i’m gonna get ya anyway,
if you think, you can avoid me,
that’s alright, cos i don’t mind a little fight.

word is out, that your’e not gettin’ served,
the way that both of us know you deserve,
there’s no doubt (there’s no doubt)
that i know what you need,
if you wanna come just come with me.

i am just a guy, you are just a girl,
all i know is i just wanna rock world,
and all i have to say, i hope that its ok,


gonna be blood,sweat n tears,
gonna be hard work n fears,
but i aint gonna stop no never stop till i got you,
gonna be sunshine n rain,
gonna be pleasure n pain,
but i aint gonna stop no never stop till i got you.

listen up, please believe me,
when i claim to be the lover that you want (alright)
check this out, i got a feelin’,
that it’s gonna be you and me, you know i’m right,

you are jus a girl, and i am just a guy,
who does appreciate the finer things in life,
and this i swear to you, every word is true,

[chorus x2]