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letra de graves freestyle - uptownbodega


in 6th grade i saw brother stealing coats
in 9th grade i saw my daddy doing c0ke
by 12th grade i was out here moving smoke
made it thru college man that sh-t was such a joke

roommate selling crack rock teachers walking thru the door
i had to make a couple dollars doing sh-t i seen before
stealing scenes from a show just to make yo shorty go, ha ha
this was back when they flyest dudes was rocking prada
u still rocking nada of importance
what’s important is u start to look like u busy importing
throw a couple chains on
now i look like i’m in showbiz
throw a couple rings on my fingers like the jordan
this all started in some cyphers talking like we was recording
so i figured i’d deliver all these lyrics i been h–rding
when speaking of the latter that all started in a saturn
n-ggas talking sh-t i’ll split your jaw until it start to splatter
the new york mad hatter madder than a older rapper
n i got that food on me in manhattan wit the chowder
please don’t try to groove on me u won’t catch me in a pattern
where i’m from just walking down the street is such a hazard
where u from? i ain’t ever heard about those coordinates
n when u hear the kid u know i’m nice, u my subordinates
i write this story like i auth0r-d it
balled fist like the arthur get
acid tabs in my esophagus
make me spit hotter than ur coffee get
i can tell that i don’t like u started picking out ur coffin kid
coughing up a lung i get my paper like the offices
no officer, i ain’t got nothing inside my whip
so if u bring the k9s over promise there’s sniffing it
i promise that i’m innocent
my love is really infinite
my rhymes are simple but they’re intricate
in my life i like experiments but that don’t mean no g-y sh-t
i’m tired of these new york girls, i’m looking for a geisha
so we can stack this paper
higher than some elevators
man i’m elevated
n i’m concentrated
i cannot be permeated
or terminated
n i know you hate it