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letra de mojo jojo – unotheactivist


[hook: unotheactivist]
swear they want some of my mojo ( mojo jojo ) / try to take my swag that’s a no no
i done fell in love wit’ the coco
pull up wit a 40. not a 44. / i just left from europe check my swag yea / hundred
thouxan dollars in a bad yea / b-tch i’m ballin we don’t look at tags yea / i won’t do no business wit no
rat yea /

[verse: unotheactivist]
yea yea yea / yea / baby don’t go ever there / long range n-gg- i deer you / diamonds you can not
compare to / she like ” bae it is not fair ” / avalanches on my neck / won’t eat it unless it is what /
cooking up dope wit a tech / i got everything that you wanna have / i just let these birds come and take
a bath / baby wipe me down like i’m lil boosie bad -ss / all my diamond clear like brand new gl-ss yea /


[verse: lil duke]
she digging my swag and she loving my mojo / might just get fresh and don’t take not one photo / pull
wit draco i’m never not solo / mason margiela don’t dress up in polo / uno he wit me we sipping on
activas / had to run this sh-t up they use to laugh at me / i just wanna get it and feed the whole faculty /
came out the trap i was working that vacuum seal / b-tch take a look at me now / on the way to the top
not coming down / b-tches ain’t sh-t they can’t even stay down / i’m trying to run up a mil with my
rounds / lil b-tch you know that i get it / stack all the hundreds and 50s / sippin on lean bout to f-ck up
my kidneys / i had an a in the trap that’s terrific / you want a pigeon i flock with the fishes / stack that
sh-t up imma die trying to get richer / can’t catch no trap if you don’t got no pistol / change for a 20 i got
the 4 nickel / up the block i call it early dismissal / keep on getting money my hand keep on itching / now
a days they look up the snitches / i just sit back and keep chasing these riches / duke! /