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letra de dereliction - unhallowed deliverance


all of our truth will unravel in the face of death
so we beg our gods for some way to transcend

frightened he observes the stranger watching
live and from the mirror he stares back
heightened, on alert, awake, notching
with him he fades to black

hold on to the light, it’s fading away
all their eyes, can’t recognize them, so strung-out he’ll pray:
“show me the way, i’m falling astray”

his kids now seldom come as his ego corrodes
their image in his hеad like dying stars implodes
it went from subtlе change slowly to major lapse
risperidone coheres his mouldering psyche’s scr-ps
from out the shadows sound the echoes of a mouldy past
and in the light, there waits nothing but faces, sad, aghast

now they speak of plaques clogging his thoughts
tau proteins fold tacks piercing his ultimate source
apoptosis leads to atrophy in gyrus cinguli
and his temporal lobe

with nightmares plagued of rotting love and bygone violence
it all comes back once faced with wretched silence
roaming through the halls, searching what he had never owned
leaving little notes that document delusions he bemoaned
nurses try to tell him that that door has to stay closed
groping one of them, before she calls the doctor

swiftly she shall come with all her sagacious tales
though they soon are drowned in pharmaceuticals
to quell his ails
leads him to the room where in the mirror he resides
close the door and leave him there, soiled through thiazides

falling out of time

a life full of life is now marching to its grave
as the images decay, bind him lastly as their slave
alone shall he leave all those walking by his side
after their faces turned to demons from which he can never hide

now they lurk in dark, stalking him
around him they flock, to eat those
remnants of his soul, so thin
the barrier to below, find out that

god has disappeared, unleashed the
devil on his soul, tormenting
on and on and on, decease he
yearns for this h-ll, which leads him towards his end
they just watch as he flails, looking on him with a frown
once again, they know to calm him, they will surely have to
hold him down (just a little it will hurt)
pierce his skin (in a failing plan to)
try to slow the path of dereliction

nmdar inhibitors quell
excitatory well
fuelling the fire from which the demons
rise, while he lies in his bed, asleep, waking
trying to run away from this squalor
but his legs yield again and he lies aching
so again, they increase the dosage

alas, the days have turned to years
from his head the demons finally clear
joining them he leaves his mind as well
shed at last this weary mortal sh-ll

and as they see this, they decide to not let them resuscitate
gathering ’round his bed to take a leave and sternly cogitate
thinking how they too one day will take his place
knowing that all what they were will ultimately be erased

pull all the plugs, change the sheets, bring out his corpse
and lead the next one in
he too will lose his soul to turn from man to
a hairless ape in a bag under fluorescent lights that’s lying dead

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