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letra de alive in the fire - under the flood


“alive in the fire”

well don’t blame me if i learned to walk before i flew
i don’t blame you, don’t tell me that the world was owed to you
well maybe that road wasn’t right for you.
cause i’ve seen the faces you’ve turned away, don’t call me a liar
i’ve been knocked down, i’ve been walked on, but i’ve stood in the fire.

and here we all stand, folding our hands
waiting for the chance (are you waiting for a chance)
to never look back again (to never look back again)
and fear won’t find me afraid of falling down
we’re not lookin down, you won’t turn us around

well here it is another endless wave of tv made kings on parade
living out a fantasy, so ungratefully because you never really had to bleed
well i’m told you’re in control, breaking the mold, you’re bought and sold
you stole the sanct-ty of how it used to be, it’s blasphemy


there’s a reason we were meant to be here
a reason we believe

you’ll never be alone again
we’ll never be alone

and here we all stand, folding our hands
you’ll never be alone.

we all stand with folded up hands prayin our plans will somehow see the end.