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letra de mega zeph - $uicideboy$


i am known

[verse 1: $crim]
hot boy of the north with the tats on his face
run, run, run from the place where you safe
walk from grace, i’m amazed when i play
pray for your faith, when they claim that you’re safe
laugh in your face
tryna jump up? boy, you might wanna refrain (hol’ up)
keys to the gate, [?] b-tch [?] gon’ stay
hol’ up, jump out with glock c-cked goin’ nonstop in the red-dot
shoot a motherf-cker dead, weight, led and style to the gun lap, huh
motherf-cker, i mop out [?] the worst kind, yeah
go bitter from the -59, i’m a psycho, check my bloodline

[verse 2: ruby da cherry]
all of these b-tches afraid of me (i know, what the f-ck?)
and all of these f-ckboys they hate on me (yuh)
so just to sum it up, basically, i barely couldn’t give less of a f-ck
i’m from the era of terror (yeah)
ridin’ [?] with the pressure (yeah)
dolce gabbana, these [?] giuseppes (yeah)
mention the devil, the f-ck off forever (yeah)
[?] brought of them [?], huh?
i wanna see bloodstain, bloodstains
i’m the grail of the mustang, mustang
couple pills just to numb the pain
six-six-six [?] one, one
claim to rise [?] beyblade, ayy
i leave for judgment day