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letra de gas mask - ​uglyy


“onwrd exclusive (?)”

(verse 1: uglyy)
pull up with a big bag, got corona need a gas mask
f-ck all my life, that’s too bad
nothing you need changed me, that’s too sad
stare at the wall cause i’m bored that sh-t too rad
pull up in a benz i don’t need friends yeah
drink gasoline, f-ck my life to the store
wake up in the morning f-ck that sh-t going back to bed
can’t concentrate with these thoughts stuck inside my head
leave me alone i don’t f-ck with the internet
all my friends pay hide and seek they don’t give a sh-t
i just want racks, i just want cash yeah
me and mari gonna get all thesе bands yeah

(verse 2: dеfficile)
i don’t know what all these n-ggas say they really want from me
diamonds on me n-gga and they gleaming like they was to see
yeah i’m antisocial all you b-tches did this sh-t to me
i don’t wanna f-ck your lil hoe that sh-t is gross to me
but this gas that i’m smoking, yeah i might just pass out, p-ssy n-gga class clown, you don’t no ass now
chopper on my hip if you try to touch on my stash now
that n-gga really wanna work then this chopper can make some loud sounds
all you p-ssy n-ggas talking you don’t got no intellect
your b-tch is all on me, get her off me she an insect
p-ssy n-gga keep talking sh-t this chopper might hit your lip
i don’t really want no s-x shawty go ahead and drop the neck
playing with a diamond sword hit your b-tch she is a wh0re
f-ck that b-tch so hard she roar, don’t think one day i’m gonna tour
on her knees on the floor, might k!ll myself because i’m bored
yeah you n-ggas talking but all you n-ggas are so poor
“mari can you be my daddy”

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