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letra de tell me something good - ugk


[pimp c]
one motherf-cker, two motherf-ckers
three motherf-ckers, fo’ – wanna squab with me
over they, motherf-ckin hoe
tell ’em like this, ya better get up off my d-ck n-gg-!
befo’ you have to deal wit my motherf-ckin trigger
i don’t figure that it’s worth all that, g
gettin yo’ -ss shot, cause ya b-tch gave me the p-ssy
don’t it feel funny when you go down ta eat her
knowin that you suckin on another n-gg-‘s peter
and when ya get a kiss, do ya feel bliss
knowin that ya swallowed all that s-m-n and that p-ss?
you wanna step to me but i don’t really think ya should
i shoulda kicked yo’ -ss instead i told ya somethin good, b-tch!

[chorus: sampled from chaka khan & rufus’ “something good”]
tell me something good (ohhh, baby, baby, baby yeah)
tell me something good (oh yeaaaaah…yeah)
tell-tell me something good (ohhhhhhh-hoo!, tell me, tell me…)
tell me something good (ohhh, baby, baby, baby yeah)

[bun b]
fo’ motherf-cker, three motherf-cker
two motherf-cker, one – get a f-ckin gun, cause it’s f-ckin bun
ain’t no hoe sh-t, i’m packin that lead
nine pointed at yo’ head, i guess you know yo’ -ss is dead
you bought yo’ boys like you wanted to squab
but instead of a fist, i let my gat do the job
now i don’t know what time you be livin in
but f-ck a fight, i bet my gun’ll have you givin in
wanna pull a knife when my .45 is c-cked back
a bullet in yo’ -ss, i bet yo’ b-tch’ll jock that
..now you on your deathbed and cain’t even hum right
but that’s what you get for bringin hands to a gun fight



[pimp c]
n-gg-z nowadays got a habit that they really need to quit
gettin they -ss kicked over a sk-nk -ss b-tch
you need to check ya hoe and ya need to check her fast
cause if you know like me, you would drop her f-ckin -ss
but i ain’t bout to f-ck her, cause i’m scared of that disease
cause she’s p-ssin’ out the -ss like government cheese
but not me n-gg-, cause pimp c wanna live
have you had yo’ test? are you h-i positive?
but instead of gettin checked you wanna f-ck with me
you need to be lookin for a f-ckin md!
but if you don’t step, i’ma draw on ya fast
and pump off lead like dash in yo’ -ss
i didn’t do f-ck ya girl but your sister p-ssy tight
f-cked her to my homeboy’s caddy last night
she sucked my d-ck, i bust a nut in her throat
and she didn’t take it out, and she didn’t even choke
i f-cked her doggystyle and the b-tch just threw me
turned me on my stomach, started lickin out my booty
now everybody in the hood
know that your sister lick a booty real good, hehhahaha!

[chorus 1/2]

[bun b]
now brothers need to get they sh-t straight
these lyrics that i’m stressin goin farther than this tape
it just ain’t a song, motherf-cker, it’s the real!
if yo’ -ss ain’t trill, b-tch, you shuffled in the deal
see, i tell the sh-t like i see it
you open up ya nuts and i’ma knee it
if you don’t like it, so be it
i learn how to walk, i learn how to run
i learn how to squab and then i bought a f-ckin gun
and now i got an att-tude adjuster –
a nine wit a sixteen shot clip and i’m ready to bust ya
lips get swoller, the punks get rolled-up
them n-gg-z get shot, and ugk still hold nuts
raised on the streets, and yo i never said i wasn’t
the hookers are the nieces, the fiends are my cousins
the dealers are my brothers, so f-ck you, hoe!
i thank my family for my ‘lac, wit the trues and vogues
cause i can remember when i was back at ?wentrel?
a little bad n-gg- that was up to no good, yo
i told a n-gg-, “f-ck you!” and couldn’t even back it up
then f-cked around and got smacked up
so i got my boys and we beat that -ss down
threw him off to sea world, and watched his -ss drown
n-gg-z knew who did it, but what could they say?
not only got my crew, i got my nine and my ak
and i’ma roll the streets, any-f-ckin-way i want to
and if you think you the sh-t, n-gg- i want you
i keep my dope, my hoes, and my motherf-ckin hood
to my side, so f-ck sayin somethin good!!