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letra de winter walk in the cold - ufo race


here we go again
winter walking
oh i don’t wanna
be home stopping
another around the block an
we watch the clock spin
as the stars in the sky burn

frozen sidewalks under feet
is better than driving in this sleet
i wanna hold your hand
while its covered by your sleeve
and keep you warm
i know
it’s cold
but walk with me anyway

walk with me
walk with me anyway
christmas trees
got nothing on you i swear

frozen toes
frost bitten nose
the fireplace glows
as it continues to snow

acording to the radio
it won’t be much warmer
oh tomorrow

frozen sidewalks
snow falls on your face
i hear the wind
calling our name

walking alonе is better
when you know that
it’s not forеver
i just wanna go back then
when we were christmas caroling
walking around the snow
oh i know i know
it’s cold
but walk with me anyway

let let it snow
i feel the cold
but i don’t care
i don’t care

strap on my boots
and i’ll walk thought the snow
walking behind you gets old
cause i can’t hold you hand
i know it’s cold
but walk with me anyway