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letra de one - tyrese


let me start by sayin’ that you’re the one
’cause this’ the first time i felt like this players done (ohh)
you’re the only number that i dial (f-ck them other chicks)
you’re the only s-x i’m gettin’ now (ain’t that a trip)
but it don’t matter (’cause you’re with it)
and it don’t matter (but then i get it)
’cause you’re the only one

i’mma be good with just one girl
one girl
that’s all i need
i’mma be straight with just one crib and two whips
’cause i’m grown and that’s all that i need
is one ghetto girl to make my babies with
one ghetto girl i’m shakin’ all of my chicks
that’s why i’m down on one knee with one ring
baby all i need is one

ain’t nothing gonna stop me from lovin’ you
and wife’in you
spendin’ all my life with you
i’m so committed
this one is one i’m with it
it’s so d-mn good
all the s-x you want without no hat (imagine that)
got a real n-gg- thats gon’ have your back (imagine that)
that’s just the way it is
and that’s just how it’s gon’ go
and you gon’ be that one

[repeat 1]

girl i ain’t gonna front about it down and tell the truth about it (way gone)
way gone
ain’t nothing i won’t give up just to make you that one
baby that one girl

one step
one breath
one love
one name
so it’s one me
one ring
one church
and one preacher
one promise
two little words

[repeat 1]

just one
one girl
one girl
baby all i need is one (all i need is one)
one girl (one)
one girl (baby your the one)
baby all i need is one
one me
one ring
one church