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letra de slide thru - tyler trappy


like philly playing with them eagles
boy you don’t want to see lethal
boy you don’t want to see evil
got that mac on me like beanie sigel
you know how mother f—— do
ski mask on, gloves on to
ak out that mother f—— window
everybody dead when i slide thru x2
p-ssy what the f— you gon do (huh) x8
you ain’t never ran on the block like this
you ain’t never serve grams in the spot like this
you ain’t never bust shots with a new 4/5
just face it you a pu–y and you not like this
goin hand-to-hand in that caravan
i carry tools like the handyman
that 45 come handy man
i’m selling blow, i’m the candyman
so ante up, i got the reefer
fat b—- look like queen latifah
but her name lakeisha , and she buy me sneakers
so perks that’ll flood the streets up
every night i got to keep my feet up
gucci belts with the guns tucked
and my chain look like the sun’s up
but my s— blow if you run up