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letra de last day - tyler, the creator


i hope you been doin’ well
the world on some s.o.l
f-ck yo job, today you feelin’ ill
come stay in beverly hills

i woke up this morning, some random number texted me
“you tonya’s boyfriend?”
nah n-gga, oh please
“that b-tch been cheating on me”
f-ck, you ain’t gotta lie
f-cking on some man, come up on my side
been grinding on some boys since 2005
i can leave you quick if you wanna ticket to ride (go)
been bunnyhoppin’ since that janky b-tch jumped on my d-ck
acting a fool, running ’round town, she broke up with me, ego let down
got me some friends, skatеd all summer, no frown
junior year rolled around, i fеlt my world crash to land, wow
became so inspired, i never ever been tired
kept my time and my patience at an all time, never been higher
don’t need mary jane, when i got life, alright?
f-cking stay off that sh-t and you’ll get through tight

h-llo? this the operator?
i needa talk, i needa talk, later
don’t got many words i can say, craters
in my head and my brain, breaker

(outro: a$ap rocky)
i can, i can talk to you
i can, i can talk to you, babe
i can, i can talk to you
f-ck off, i been stalkin’ you