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letra de 0 to 100 (remix) - ty'jule


rags to riches turns to tags to snitches
you sound pitched up, i think you was fetched up by my house
it’s like jeopardy, you gotta have the answers to be on my property, or you can get off of it
your muscle not strong like me
you can’t stay on your hustle, you too lazy
she so light, she wanna take a flight
you not a leader, you a traitor
you can’t be in my circle
how you real when you tryna get fame off my name?
that show that you wanna be the same as me
how you gonna call yourself a king when you really a queen?
your mixtape keep flopping like you steady slopping
she says she wanna be with me, but she just wanna flee with me to another state
every song you got, make it so long, i know that you don’t feel wrong for that, though
he like trill sammy, they call yo boy “grill sammy.”
watch me going in that ocean, watch me go in motion
i don’t have time for drama, it’s not even worth it
i work harder than you, i made it even farther
me and her alike so i know she is my type
she got me feeling sleepy, i want to take a nap
i don’t act so hollywood because i’m not c-cky
i wake and bake my eggs and bacon, then, i watch some tv