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letra de you should be a shame - ty farris


yeah. the moment y’all been waiting for. uh huh

[verse 1:]
just for my people in snooze mode
fascinated floating that fool’s gold
these rappers trash garbage cans should be their new homes
i rap full time, but still play all goon roles
just ask some saint andrews shows
i’m validated they salivating my albums, the lane saturated
i’m back in the saddle me and black back collaborating
i’m calibrated differently i’m not industry conditioned mentally
never crumble down with my dignity
for what it’s worth, my first represents my ugly turf
homies got to work the gun tucked likе al bundy shirt
bark at the dog if you violating got some lions weighing
whilе i’m on the island dining with sanaa lathan
you can’t deny my greatness my product dope
look at my clients faces now it’s gold chains and diamond bracelets
my scripture, sacred as the bible pages don’t try my patience
i fast forward your career ’till it’s s final stages

i’m focused and notice you got hate in your eyes
getting money and winning only thing on my mind
it’s no time for you lames i made a lane
and if you hating on me n-gga you should be a shame
ay i’m from the bottom like you why you mad at me?
this ain’t the way that it have to be
you should be a shame
[verse 2:]
they see the name and get nervous mentally have aversus in the verdict
if they verses really worthless?
offensive lines lead the bullets no football, we ain’t bullsh-tin
life’s a rodeo with the bull kicking
most fall off trying to fake it ’til they make it
the struggle i embraced it and counterpunch complacent
i made a statement from brainstorming in the bas-m-nt
one of the bravest i paint pain from the pavement
used to drive a lemon now i’m in the limelight
could have signed twice no thank you, i declined twice
y’all do whatever for popularity except rhyme nights
meanwhile, i’m on fire like the wok with the fried rice
teriyaki flow sticks aimin the opps like a hockey goal
my preference is politicking on pots of gold
that’s bags of money for you bragging dummies
hope you beat the game if not, you lame and you should be ashamed

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