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letra de 123 (freestyle) - trippie redd


b-tch, l!ck on my d-ck, uh, yeah, b-tch, l!ck on my twix
uh, double glocks, twix, yeah
i’m a martian, yeah, i feel like spartus

yeah, i feel like a martian, chillin’ in the darkness, yeah, um
b-tch, i am the sh-t just like i farted
hope they leave departed, uh, i’m the hardest
f-ck n-gga, talkin’ down, but i ball like harden, yeah
oh, you tried it, yeah, yeah, you tried it
bought huessin, bought b-tch some lightning
talk down b-tch, i’ma hit you with this lightning (yeah, yeah, yeah)
uh, we tryna fight it
sippin’ orange juice and cranberry juice, uh
let’s have a two, uh, let’s have a three, uh
one, ay, two, ay, what you wanna do, ay
pulled up in a coupe, i might have to lose the roof, ay
boolin’ with some troops, we under enemy arms
talk down b-tch, i’m gonna rip off your arms, yeah, uh
get her like f-ckin’ state farm, uh
yeah, you know i got the chopper and i stay armed
yeah, b-tch, i stay armed, and dangerous, uh
b-tch, we dangerous, it ain’t lookin’ strange to us
yeah, please don’t play with us, yeah
’cause we might turn your -ss to some angel dust, yeah
or some demon dust, ay (i’m like-, uh)
i’m rare like a mammoth tusk, uh
b-tch, i ball hard from the night time to dusk, ay (yeah, yeah, yeah)
b-tch, you stank, you smell like musk, uh
i don’t give one, two, three f-cks, yeah
i don’t give one, two or three f-cks to b-tches
i’m the richest n-gga ever