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letra de all gold everything - trinidad james


[intro: trinidad james]
this sh-t sound like 007 with an n64 and sh-t
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[hook x2]
gold all in my chain
gold all in my ring
gold all in my watch
don’t believe jus’ watch
n-gg- n-gg- n-gg-
don’t believe jus’ watch

n-gg- n-gg- n-gg-
don’t believe me jus’ watch

[verse: trinidad james]
this ain’t for no f-ck n-gg-
if you a real n-gg- then f-ck wit’ me
this one for the hood n-gg-s
the hipster b-tches that shop at lennox
dark skin, light skin, asian and white women
hypebeast we know aboutchea’
don’t buy shoes unless they popular
for the hoes, my n-gg-
that’s p-ssy poppin’ that magic city
got that strong, my n-gg-
then come match that sh-t wit’ me
smoking mid, my n-gg-
then don’t p-ss that sh-t to me
this one for my n-gg-s
and b-tches bout’ that money (cashout!)
gotta love, chesire bridge
them bad hoes at onyx
i don’t f-ck wit’ no snitches
so don’t tell me who tellin
this one for them colleges
them bad hoes at spellman
shout out to them freshman
on instagram straight flexin’
popped a molly, i’m sweatin’ (woo!)
popped a molly, i’m sweatin’ (woo!)
momma always told me, boy count yo’ blessings
in god i trust
so i kept countin’ them franklins
i’m too fly, you know this
lemme’ give yo’ -ss a checklist
one gold watch
two gold chains
six gold rings, its nothin’ (god dayum’!)
og jordans
them high socks
no shirt on, i’m stuntin’ (okay!)
and this song for those f-ck n-gg-s
who hatin’ on you this summer (f-ck em’!)
talk sh-t behind your back
but won’t say sh-t in public (f-ck em’!)

[hook x2]

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