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letra de another one (triggamix) - trey songz


“another one (triggamix)”

time to kill another one [repeats]

i’m about what they ain’t see
i’ll be out where they can’t be
it’s easy as ab
they actually cant see
the way i ball out
like they … is carved out
you you guys stink like the breath from a dogs mouth
she’s a gorgeous freak
she destroys my sheets
indeed keep her coming back around
airport police
the way i’m rockin see its like i front portch to be
and ye ain’t fly n-gg-
the airports is cheap?
everybody was sleeping
now i’m living my dream
she said she love nda whip
then i dig in her cream
i see you blood suckers
and you venomous feinds
i know you next type
must be envious genes
you know i’m bout mine
and if you didn’t know
what the f-ck you think i’m getting hoe
hater eat a d-ck
im in the lyric jet?
the green keep growin
cha-cha-cha chia pet
my body’s full of liquor
give me some more though
my verses richer than richie
you got that poor flow
i’m still a skinny n-gg-
my pockets gordo
she’s only mine for the moment
we know she’s your hoe
know what i mean n-gg-
she give dat heaad right
about my green n-gg- trigga
running red lights
eatin betta every day
but i swear i’m starving
r&b was just for starters so rappers i’m sorry
keep the bottles coming
but take them sparkles off
special shout to my diamonds and how they sparkle off
ten acres in virginia that’s my humble abode
but that miami highrise for stumblin hoes
she’s a lot of fun
she takes her time doing it
she made my body c-m
but her mind do it
see i’m sicker than most
let’s forget what i gross
ive had significant growth
you got permission to fold
hot blisterin flow
compet-tion is no
baby its f-ck the world
got my d-ck in the globe
take a sip of the rose
gave her tiffany stones
my young money has grown
so she miss when i’m gone
i have incredible nights
pray for better tomorrows
love the gift that is life
cuz the present is borrowed
i’ma live forever
like my presence immortal
told her to bow down
there’s a blessin before you
if you didn’t see
i’m so into me
thinking back
that when they told me
what i couldn’t be
my stars shine bright
but f-ck the limelight
just keep the bread coming
and keep the wine white
women in model form
get their baby gargle? on
lifestyle fast bout to get my full throttle on
and i noticed this
people go and notice when
focusin on somethin thought provoking so i boast instead?
it make you wonder
but it’s all about a loaf a bread
i get the picture
and its different since i spoke to…
will’s up
will’s down
truck’s outside
get it up
i put down
keep your mouth wide
kill this track
time to kill another one
worldwide but virginias where i’m commin from
mama just got a bendz
prolly get my brother one
two freaks here
but i want another one
boy fresher than tuxedos with the…..
boy i’m hot sh-t
like a toilet in the sun
one one me
never be another one
cougars on the prowl
i can make your mother c-m

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