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letra de ultradrive - trendy $ledge


(what you doin’ max)
(he slayed this one)

[chorus: iayze]
she wanna f-ck for clout
how could you hold your hand down
wow, and i’m smoking loud
she wanna f-ck right now, i’m like come on now
cause i’ve been going down, walk down don’t make no sound
[?] he a broke clown
counting racks [?]
we gon’ put em in the sky like bird
she wanna f-ck, i’m going
eating for lunch, we on
and i’m smoking strong
she wanna come in my home, she wanna give me dome
[?] i been on a roll
[verse: $ledge]
she won’t let you down, we tryna smoke in her room
i feel like an alien