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letra de black mass – travi$ scott


always used to pull up pop trunk at chancellors
yeah, growing hard
falling hard, like a cancer
yeah, always in the city
always keep a dancer
yeah, she playing in my hair
she gotta keep me handsome
yeah, she just in the shower
s-she not with the cameras
never asking questions
never giving answers
that’s the code, that’s the code, to the m-sses
black b-st-rds, black m-sses
yeah, on my 2pac mom sh-t, black panther
you flexing one-on-one, one-on-one, kyla prattin’
me? on my rock-n-roll sh-t, mick jagger
i’m in these hidden hills with m&m’s, kardashian
yeah, i might need a doctor aftermath is tragic
i’ve been taking all my doses
keeping up and active
rager ain’t no major
that’s a black basket
mask it, walk on nazereth to black caskets
yeah i got the code, code to the m-sses
(black m-sses)

i’m way up, way up, way up, way up
’til n-body can hold wi back