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letra de banban vs. red - trav shark


[intro: the announcer]
epic rap battles of housery

[verse 1: banban]
who’s this, some bulbous headed elmo in a lab coat?
i know you’re a mad g*nius, so let me break down a few notes
we teach preschoolers, make respectful decisions without experiments
but you watch people do your work as they get torment
my game is itself while yours is locked behind roblox’s doors
with your little bit of screen time, you’re nothing but a bore
your run down play place has nothing to moral
so you don’t need a theme park when your mind is your own odd world
now i’ll knock you out and take your items and rap sk!lls
cause you act likе the mastermind, but you’re morе like the third wheel k!ll
feasting on your pancreas is what i want til your time to die slips
you just trick people with manipulation to help? talk about a sign flip
you’re iq is as blinding as green’s sight
cause all you care about is money and not the fight
i’ll make sure you’ll leave without any parties
cause when i’m here this battle is foolhardy

[verse 2: red]
with my hypothesis, that verse was not really a punch
so do you mind doing some work for me, it’s not like your kid friendly to watch
your whole concept design looks like it was from a 5 year old
i’m knocking down unpopular pins like your mixed reviews told
better stay out banban, cause i’ll make sure your banned (banned)
could’ve taken the chance and just ran
your game might have the green light, but the snail would give you the red light
can’t have anything harder than a stone, all it takes to leave is a drone in flight
i have stings in my rhymes like a stinger flynn
to me, your whole character is kinda mid
how does something cutesy turn into something brutey?
you’re more like poppy playtime mixed with baldi’s basics
after this burn, not even batteries can power you up and make your rap fix
like jesus, how can a bird be so violent?
is it because its babies are as fragile as your elevator lift?
took away key cards, but that didn’t change a bit
all would take to save people is a hand flip
[versee 3: banban]
just to remind you, banbaleena would rip you to pieces
but i think it’s better to have a new punishment than leaving you rot in feces
such as making you sit in detention
cause i bet you’re just desperate for people’s attention
how about you try to calculate the amount of times you fail to k!ll final survivors
cause every plan you make ends up with you being a liar
how did you turn an amus-m-nt park into a literal jurassic park?
so why not just experiment your way to actually fight
cause oswald davis is dead to you and would’ve tested your might
you’re no man behind any slaughter cause he lives in vents
your hiding sk!lls are completely hopeless, thinking outside the box doesn’t make sense
you have many theme park technical problems
cause a technician just tries to stop them
if you want to make things better, try making a pterodactyl that actually uses its wings
guess when everyone is not around your place, you must feel very blue and it must very sting

[verse 4: red and the technician]
i really think you should reconsider and think about what you’re doing
this guy’s mind is more psycho than you, so there’s no fooling
don’t try to get into his temptation
cause his jolly green giant almost gave him a full mutilation
this devil would just die if had any holy water
cause it would be a way for a burn to tatter
try to actually try to put a scratch on me you devil gumby
since it’s your only way to win without getting a bit tumbly
your preschool is just empty, literally your students are trash
you could leave this battle if you want, just have a party for a bash
you say you’re a principle, i say you mean it as “of evil doing”
bendy wannabe wants kids to have fun, but ends up scaring them with his roaring
your chapters almost seem like they were rushed
cause the pacing is almost quick with a brush
literally have spiders in your facility, their far worse than you fool
maybe the thing you might need to take away is an actual good soul
[outro: the announcer]
who won?
who’s next?
you decide!
epic rap battles-
-opila bird screech-
-hides in box- of housery

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