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letra de intro (chixtape 4) – tory lanez


[cam’ron’s “hey ma” playing in the background]

girl 1: so are you f–kin’ with him or what?
girl 2: f–kin’ with who?
girl 1: b-tch, don’t play dumb. tory
girl 2: i mean, yeah
girl 1: you know what i mean. did you…
girl 2: did i f–k him?
girl 1: wait, yeah
girl 2: but you know he used to f–k with my sister, keisha. and then he gave me this cd and he said n-body’s heard it yet. but i don’t know if i should even listen to it or not
girl 1: b-tch, if he wrote it for you, why not?
girl 2: i mean, i guess, just, let’s play the first song
girl 1: alright, well, stop talkin’ and let’s put it in