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letra de 12 - torgny


easy prey, in full bloom in every way
it’s all ending today
late afternoon
make a final wish
soon youll be gone, yesterday

drive with an urge to crash
get by
i dreamt of a snake, it caressed your head
in its mouth you were talkative
mother said: dont you get weird on me, no not again
father said: i’ll be gone, keep it up, don’t do wrong
k!ll the dream, magazine, tv set, sigarette
a pair of bleeding eyeb-lls phone home to their skull

we could be heroes
at least in a song
i don’t care what they say
’cause soon you will miss yesterday

the color blue
under skin when the blood pumps in you
say life is just something you do when the light of time outshines you
just step out of the view
a lot for you, tie on your flying shoe
this barren land prevails while change is written in you
no one knows, no one cares when you cry on your lover’s tomb