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letra de international player - too $hort


“international player”

(todd) wh-ssup?
(who are all these girls with you?)
these are my ladies
(so which one’s your girlfriend?)
they’re all mine baby (all of ’em?) yup!
(hey s-xy!) wh-ssup?
[girl speaks to too $hort in non-english language]

[too $hort]
i love women and they love me
i ain’t really trippin on nationalities
black girls, white girls, mix ’em up
half-breeds, i can’t get enough
in the bay, where the players play
we keep it international every day
asian girls are so terrific
what’chu mean $hort? be mo’ specific
filipino, japanese
cambodian, thai and vietnamese
malaysian girls from singapore
china dolls, i’ll name some more
i know korean chicks, girls from laos
it’s like the united nations at my house
i got indian girls from india
they like to make out and get finger f-cked

[girl speaks to too $hort and then says “okay? later”]
[another girl speaks in spanish]

[too $hort]
you look like you come from guatemala
el salvador or nicaragua
sounds to me like you’re speakin spanish
you’re talkin but i cain’t understand it
you ain’t no mexican
i don’t care, let’s have s-x again
everything i do, i do the best
got a big booty girl from budapest
if she ain’t fine i say h-ll no
give me that rio de janeiro
brazilian bodies, tall exotic
i want all the hotties you call erotic
black girls get mad sometimes
they tell me keep my -ss in line
but i know how to p-ss the time
you can sell that p-ssy but the cash is mine

[more foreign girls with foreign tongues]

[too $hort]
where you from baby, argentina?
you a movie star? i thought i seen her
called her eva, but it didn’t work
she was swingin that -ss in a mini-skirt
well let me know what’chu wanna do
you beautiful, look like you from peru
a good girl or a nasty wh-r-
that’s all i’m asking for
she can be australian, canadian
persian, armenian
ethiopian, somalian
spanish, italian
she can be cuban, puerto rican
haitian, or jamaican
in the bay where the players play
we keep it international, every day

[girls keep talking until the song’s end]

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