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letra de don't nobody move(this is a heist) - tony powers


well, i wuz in this
police station
bein’ booked for
garlic breath
in the corner was a cripple
they wuz kickin’ him to death
from a cell somewhere i heard
this woman scream
“you’re hurtin’ me””
on the wall there wuz
this poster
“holy name society”…
oh —
i wuz in this courtroom
’cause i had a fight
with my own wife
law ‘n order wuz so thick
you could cut it with a knife
while this landlord
made a pay-off so they’d
de-control his slum
hizzoner told
some puerto rican
“in my court you don’t
chew gum”
oh —
don’t n-body move
this is a heist
don’t n-body move
this is a heist
well, she wuz standin’ on the
when this dude asked her
the price
she said “me?” he said
“take it —
buy yourself somethin’ nice”
soon as he got off
‘n while she still wuz
squattin’ on her heels
he produced
a pair of handcuffs
an’ a very shiny shield.
oh —
they wuz towin’ me away
cuz i don’t have
diplomat plates
while this diplomat i know
is smugglin’ “h”
into the states
i said “lemmee have
the ticket ‘n the car –
save me a trip”
so they hauled me in
for giving them
some noo yawk lefty lip
oh –
don’t n-body move
this is a heist
don’t n-body move
this is a heist
i wuz underneath my dresser
just in case of sneak attack
when this television
quiz show called
to ask where i wuz at
i said “i’m underneath
my dresser —
an’ they’re
poundin’ on my door”
the audience went wild
‘n the emcee said
“would you like
to try for more?”
yes i would!
well, i wuz drivin’ down
the highway
an’ i did not have the toll
so they gave me
the electric chair
(cured my cold)
well, i woke up feelin’
hungry an’ i asked for
somethin’ hot
so they gave me
the electric chair again
‘n then they had me shot…
oh —