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letra de i want my fleetwood back - tony joe white


living down in memphis back in ’75
we were scuffling hard just barely staying alive
money’s kind of scarce when you’re just an opening act
last thing on my mind was a fleetwood cadillac

we were cruising downtown just on a sunday drive
i looked out on a car lot and something caught my eye
it was baby blue, had a rolls royce grill
a continental kit and silver spokes on the wheels
i put some money down and i told the man i would be back
i knew i had to have that fleetwood cadillac

i drove it up to nashville, i was feeling kinda proud
but the billies said it’s gaudy, just too loud
that’s all right, i was willing to take a little flak
you do what you must do for a fleetwood cadillac

it was just too long wouldn’t fit in my garage
uncle sam was in the distance and it was not a mirage
said he needed money for some previous income tax
oh i had to let it go
but now i want my fleetwood back

the new cadillacs, it’s hard to even tell ’em
the colors ain’t too cool and they’re shaped like a watermelon
if they give me one i don’t think i would even react
one thing on my mind
i want my fleetwood back