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letra de i, yes me, that's who! - tony bennett


“i, yes me, that’s who!”

i, for one, do not intend to ever think about her
i, for one, will let it en
life will go on without her
i, for one, have better things to do
i, yes me, that’s who

how she used to disagree with everything i told her
how she used to look at me each time i had to scold her
still i think i changed her point of view
i, yes me, that’s who

then comes an end, an end to spring
an end to fall
to all and everything, everything

i, for one, will face each day as though i never met her
i, for one, will find a way
some quick way to forget her
i, for one, won’t miss her my life through
i, yes me, that’s who

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